About Us as a Credit Broker

The point of a credit broker is to save time and have a higher possibility of being approved on a loan application. Many loan brokers will demand a fee - we don't - others like our self will get a small percentage from the lenders. At no factor - in our viewpoint - must a broker ever ask for a repayment from the applicant. There is just no need; brokers like us get paid out for our products and services by the lenders. If a broker or a lender demands for fees for something other than interest on the actual loan. Please don't apply for a loan with them and beware these kinds of lenders and brokers.

We only get paid out if we can obtain an applicant a loan; no loan is equal to any payment for us. This usually means we are proceeding to try our most difficult to find a lender for everybody that applies. Even while this site is a broker, people will still get decisions almost immediately after they submit their application.